• TU: Librarian
    Monthly observations from TU Delft Library Director Wilma van Wezenbeek.
  • Openworking
    In 2017, the Research Data Services team at TU Delft (and host of the 4TU.Centre for Research Data) is experimenting with open working. This means quickly publishing ideas, documents, updates on all kinds of work that the team is undertaking.
  • Trends R&D
    The R&D team of TU Delft Library scans online media for interesting news and developments that may inspire librarians and spark library innovation. For easy browsing, the blog posts are categorised and tagged. You are encouraged to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.
  • Library4Research
    Research Support at TU Delft is dedicated to supporting you during your research endeavors – from idea creation to dissemination of scholarly output.
  • Student Associations
    Student Associations related to TU Delft
  • Workshop Publishing pressure cooker 
    Learning goals: Make your scientific manuscript submission-ready by collaboration and feedback from colleagues, select the right journal, possibly open access, get your publication funded and bring your concept, literature review, trend analysis and visualization on level.